Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our relationships with customers, vendors, regulators, fellow employees, and members of our communities.
  • Honoring our commitment to keep all customer information confidential.
  • Being fair, truthful and impartial in conducting all transactions.
  • Treating every person with dignity and respect.
  • Acting responsibly, realizing the impact our actions have on our communities we serve.
Community - We play an active role in making every community in which we operate a better place to live and work.
  • Taking on leadership roles and actively participating in community organizations to address the specific needs of our communities.
  • Investing and continually re-investing in our communities, giving time, money, support, helping hands and expertise.
  • Supporting local businesses in their pursuit of success.
  • Celebrating the diversity that exists within our communities.
Excellence - We strive to excel in whatever we do.
  • Building relationships by anticipating needs.
  • Exceeding expectations by listening and offering solutions.
  • Providing knowledgeable, trained professionals who specialize in their fields.
Teamwork - We work together to create an open culture in which employees share ideas, technologies, information and talents.
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with internal and external customers by following service standards like the "Sundown Rule" and the "Buck Stops Here".
  • Being responsive, dependable, and respectful of each other and the customers.
  • Supporting each other, our customers and our communities.
  • Creating a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth through mentoring.
Professionalism - We're committed to providing an environment founded on integrity, excellence and teamwork that helps our employees develop to their fullest potential and benefit the customers and communities they serve.
  • Treating everyone as you would like to be treated.
  • Providing opportunities for career and educational advancement.
  • Being empowered to make decisions and take initiative.
  • Maintaining an atmosphere that inspires confidence.

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