External Transfers

For Personal Online Banking

Enterprise Bank announces External Transfers – a new feature available through Personal Online Banking. With External Transfers, you can quickly and easily transfer money to and from your Enterprise Bank accounts to your accounts with other financial institutions. To get started, log in to Online Banking and click on the "External Transfers" tab. You will need to set up and verify your external accounts. For instructions, refer to "How do I add an External Account" under Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Learn more about External Transfers by watching our Demo. The Demo provides step-by-step instructions to get you started and walk you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible external accounts include Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts and Investment Accounts held at online brokerage firms (dependent upon firm's requirements).

Once in the External Transfers tab, click "Add a New Account". Enter the account type, a nickname, routing number and account number for your external account. After clicking "add", you will have to verify your external account either by logging into that account for real-time verification, or through Trial Deposit verification. With the Trial Deposit method, a low value payment will be credited and debited to your external account. You will then verify your external account by confirming the amount of the payment; this process takes 2-3 days.

To initiate an External Transfer:

  • Enter an amount ($10 minimum)
  • Select the "From" account using the drop down list
  • Select the "To" account using the drop down list
  • Select the date to Send On
  • If recurring, click the "Make Recurring" link and select the Frequency and Duration
  • Select the Deliver Speed – Standard or Express (see associated fees)
  • Optional – add a memo to the transfer
  • Click Continue
  • Transfer details will be displayed in "Review Transfer" to either confirm, cancel or edit

The chart below outlines the delivery options and fees.

  • No, all personal banking customers enrolled in Online Banking can use the External Transfers service.
  • Yes. To view your daily limit, log in to Online Banking. When in the External Transfers tab, a blue (i) will appear next to the Amount option. Click the (i) and the system will inform you of your daily and monthly limits for the accounts you select from the drop down menu. For questions related to your limit, or to request an increase, please call 978-459-9000, toll-free 877-671-2265.
  • Yes. It can be scheduled up to a year in advance.
  • Select "Activity" within the External Transfers tab. This will display all transfer details including date, from, to, status and reference number.
  • No. This type of account transfer is not supported at Enterprise Bank or other Financial Institutions.
  • No. This service is for U.S. based transactions only.

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